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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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Cooking Wine

Mirin, sake and rice wine are types of alcohols and wines commonly used in Asian dishes
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A fun fact about coriander that not everyone knows? It’s the same thing as cilantro.
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Obviously cucumbers are popular not just in many Asian cuisines, but in lots of Western cooking too!...
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Common in cuisines from the eastern Mediterranean to South Asia plus certain cuisines in the Americas, cumin...
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Curry Leaf 

Ask someone to describe the aroma and taste of a curry leaf, and even the most familiar...
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Though the name includes "fish," cuttlefish is more similar to squid
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A white radish commonly used in a variety of Asian cooking
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Daikon Oroshi

Daikon oroshi is a simple condiment made just from raw grated daikon, the popular Japanese radish. It...
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A traditional Japanese good luck doll
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Japanese stock which is the base for soups and noodles dishes.
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Dim Sum

Traditional Chinese cuisine where small plates of a variety of foods are served
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Although less famous in North America than its spicy-sweet cousin gochujang, doenjang is another important condiment in...
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