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Established 1978


Uwajimaya | Bellevue Store
Uwajimaya | Bellevue Store Uwajimaya | Bellevue Store Uwajimaya | Produce department

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Open Daily 9am to 8pm
Tues Senior Hour 8am to 9am
Curbside Pickup Tues-Thu 11am to 5pm


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This colorful store boasts a full array of Asian groceries, meat, produce, gifts and seafood. It also features Sadako’s Cafe serving hot and prepared Asian foods as well as a Sashimi Island with a variety of freshly prepared sashimi.

Uwajimaya | Salmon Sashimi
Sashimi Island

Watch as our expert cutters carefully cut fish for sashimi!  The sashimi island is surrounded by refrigerated cases featuring a large variety of sashimi in assorted varieties to experience restaurant quality sashimi at home.

Uwajimaya | Meat - Spam Musubi
Sadako’s Cafe

Named after founder Sadako Moriguchi, Sadako’s Café features hot and prepared Asian foods to take home or enjoy in the seating area nearby.

Uwajimaya | J Sweets stand
J. Sweets

J.Sweets offers delectable Japanese confections from select Japanese brands. Enjoy traditional and modern flavors of Japan, right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Uwajimaya Uwajimaya

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