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The delicious coconut is ubiquitous with the tropics and its use goes beyond just food. In Southeast Asia — where more than three quarters of the world’s coconut supply comes from — their leaves are also traditionally used as food wrappers, roofing material, or woven into decorative pieces.

Of course, it’s the white flesh of the mature coconut that’s most recognizable.

This versatile ingredient can be eaten fresh or dried, grated, shredded, or prepared in a number of other ways. From there, it can be sweetened and eaten as a snack or used in cooking and baking — especially in desserts.

The flesh can also be processed into coconut oil or milk. Coconut oil has become especially popular in North America in recent years, both for cooking and other purposes. Coconut milk is the creamy liquid extracted from the meat of the coconut, not the liquid that’s found inside the hollow space of the immature fruit, which is coconut water. While coconut flesh is often associated with sweets and dessert, coconut milk is frequently used in savory cooking like curries, soups, and other dishes with a creamy, satisfying flavor.

At Uwajimaya, you’ll seasonally find mature coconuts in our produce section. We also carry coconut milk and dried, shredded, grated, and candied coconut year-round!