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Originating in Indian cuisines, chutney has been around for at least the last 2,500 years. We often think of this condiment as being made only from fruits or sometimes certain vegetables, but there are nearly endless varieties with many different ingredients.

In Western dishes, what people call chutney is usually cooked and fruit-based (often along with sugar and vinegar), whereas traditional South Asian chutneys are often more like a relish and have more diversity of ingredients. Common ingredients include mango, plum, lime, or tomatoes, although you’ll also find non-fruit bases like peanuts, mint, chili, yogurt, tamarind, or onion. Then, they’re also flavored with different spices depending on the chutney.

A common quality among most chutneys is as a refreshing complement alongside other flavorful dishes, although they can also be eaten alongside bread or crackers.

Their nutritional value varies because there’s so many different kinds but given their bases they tend to be high in different vitamins or minerals.

Whether you’re making your own homemade chutney or looking for premade ones, we have ingredients and premade varieties throughout Uwajimaya.