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Curry Leaf 

Ask someone to describe the aroma and taste of a curry leaf, and even the most familiar will probably have a tricky time with the task. A uniquely earthy scent with a smidgeon of citrus-adjacent freshness, curry leaf is inimitable and equally difficult to put words to.

It’s used in certain dishes in Southeast Asia but is most associated with southern Indian cooking, where it’s a staple flavoring agent. One common method of preparation for curry leaf involves dry roasting and then powdering them, after which they can be incorporated into masala spice mixtures. Alternatively, you can temper the leaves by frying them in oil or ghee, resulting in crisp leaves with a more pronounced aroma.   

From there, curry leaf is used for a variety of dishes including, stews, soups, curries, porridges, and other dishes, or as well as in dips and condiments like chutneys. In other cuisines, such as in Cambodia, Indonesia, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, curry leaf enhances the flavor  of many dishes including stews, soups, and curries. 

At Uwajimaya, we carry whole curry leaves year-round in our produce department.