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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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Plum Sauce

Thick, tangy, and sweet, plum sauce is the perfect complement to lots of savory dishes.
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Chili Sauce

A condiment that adds spice and flavor to Asian dishes
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Coconut Milk

Liquid extracted from the meat of the coconut
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Togarashi is the Japanese word for chili pepper and a catch-all term for condiments with chili pepper. 
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Sesame Oil

If you’ve eaten food from East Asia, Southeast Asia, India, and beyond, chances are you’ve tasted sesame...
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Five Spice Powder

Mixture of spices used in Chinese cuisine
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Citrus seasonsed sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine.
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Karashi is a yellow Japanese mustard made from crushed mustard seeds mixed with horseradish. Unlike most European...
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Dried bonito flakes used for making dashi.
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Fish Sauce

Sauce made from fermented fish used widely in Southeast Asian cuisine
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