Karashi is a yellow Japanese mustard made from crushed mustard seeds mixed with horseradish. Unlike most European varieties and standard Western yellow mustard which generally are diluted with other mix-ins like vinegar, karashi is much hotter.

Generally, you’ll find karashi sold as either a powder or in a premixed paste tube, similar to the common tubes of imitation wasabi. When you buy it in powdered form, you’ll turn it into its condiment form by mixing with warm water. You can also mix karashi with mayonnaise or miso as well to change its profile for a smoother, different dipping sauce.

Karashi is often served alongside oden, a Japanese nabemono hot pot that’s especially popular during the winter. It’s also commonly served with natto, the fermented soybean dish, tonkatsu, or with certain dim sum dishes.

You can find karashi at Uwajimaya alongside our other condiments, powders, and sauces.