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Plum Sauce

Thick, tangy, and sweet, plum sauce is the perfect complement to lots of savory dishes.

This sauce is a dark brown-purple, viscous, and pleasantly smooth. Along with plums, it includes vinegar, ginger, sugar, and other spices. If you buy commercially-made plum sauces, you might find that different brands have slightly different textures or flavors since there’s no one single recipe; some will have different thickeners or a different combination of spices. But the main thing they have in common is the sweet, sour plum base that makes the sauce such a great accompaniment to so many foods.


It’s most common in (or served alongside) certain Chinese dishes, especially in Cantonese cuisine. This includes as a sauce in certain noodle or meat dishes, or as a condiment served alongside Peking duck, egg rolls, and other fried or savory foods.


At Uwajimaya, you can find a variety of plum sauces in our sauce aisles. Try out different ones to see which you like the most! Alternatively, you can make your own with our plums (or apricots or other fruits) from the produce section and the other spices and components found throughout our store.