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Uwajimaya | California Roll Recipe

California Roll

A popular sushi roll made inside out with avocado, crab meat and cucumber

Uwajimaya | Sukiyaki Recipe


Sukiyaki is a classic Japanese one-pot meal commonly cooked and eaten at the table. Thinly sliced...

Uwajimaya | Crab & Pork Shao Mai Recipe

Crab & Pork Shao Mai

"On weekends, I like to spend an hour or so, with my daughter Loretta in tow,wandering the...


Uwajimaya | Black Cod or Salmon Kasuzuke Recipe

Black Cod or Salmon Kasuzuke

An Uwajimaya favorite! Kasuzuke is a Japanese dish where fish or vegetables are marinated for several days...

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Stir Fry Chicken

“For busy families, food preparation has to be quick.If I can’t make it in 20 minutes, I...

Uwajimaya | Almond Chiffon Cake Recipe

Almond Chiffon Cake

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Tropical Mango Pastry Cream

“This easy-to-make pastry cream is great for filling tarts, pies and malasadas(for those of us of Hawaiian...

Uwajimaya | Somen Salad Recipe

Somen Salad

This simple, refreshing salad is great for a hot day and makes for a great dish to...

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Phad Thai with Chicken

Phad Thai is traditionally served as a street food in Thailand, but here's a simple and delicious...

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Sushi Rice

Great sushi starts with perfect rice! Learn how to make the perfect sushi rice