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What to cook & how to cook it.

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Spam Katsu

SPAM Katsu

Tonkatsu, deep fried breaded pork cutlet, is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, and an...

Chinese American Kung Pao Chicken by Kenji López-Alt

J. Kenji López-Alt is a popular cooking star, chef and New York Times best-selling author. Kenji’s latest...

Nama Chocolate

Nama Chocolate are soft and smooth chocolate ganache cubes coated in cocoa powder. Despite it’s fancy looks,...

Uwajimaya | Chef Shota Nakajima's Chicken Teriyaki and Chikuzen-Ni Recipe

Chef Shota Nakajima’s Chicken Teriyaki and Chikuzen-Ni

Chef Shota Nakajima shares two recipes using his very own teriyaki sauce.

Uwajimaya | Miso Salmon Recipe

Miso Salmon

A quick and easy meal! Salmon fillets are marinated in miso, mirin, soy sauce and sesame...

Uwajimaya | Daysha's Poke Nachos Recipe

Daysha’s Poke Nachos

A delicious Hawaiian recipe from one of our very own employees, Daysha!

Uwajimaya | Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Chinese-style sweet and sour chicken, stir-fried with bell peppers and pineapple chunks.

Uwajimaya | Recipe - Sake Steamed Halibut and Manila Clams with Yellow Bean Sauce

Sake Steamed Halibut and Manila Clams with Yellow Bean Sauce

Chef Taichi Kitamura, Executive Chef and Owner of Sushi Kappo Tamura, shares with us one of his...

Uwajimaya | Recipe - Japanese Asparagus Salad

Japanese Asparagus Salad

A Tatsu Nishino Special - Japanese Asparagus Salad is the perfect healthy dish for Mid-Autumn Festival season.

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Uwajimaya | Recipe - Curry Chicken Skewers with Toasted Coconut

Curry Chicken Skewers With Toasted Coconut

This is a family favorite that everyone loves. Great as an appetizer or entrée, these are best...


Uwajimaya | Cabbage Salad Recipe

Cabbage Salad

A quick, delicious and crunchy salad made with ramen noodles.


Uwajimaya | Haupia Recipe


Sweet coconut pudding - a popular Hawaiian dessert!