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Uwajimaya | Recipe - Japanese Asparagus Salad

Japanese Asparagus Salad

A Tatsu Nishino Special - Japanese Asparagus Salad is the perfect healthy dish for Mid-Autumn Festival season.

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Uwajimaya | Recipe - Harusame Salad

Harusame Salad

Japanese Noodle Salad


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Kelp Noodle Chop Salad with Carrot Dressing

A light and delicious vegetarian noodle dish!


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Wakaso Chicken Salad

Uwajimaya | Cabbage Salad Recipe

Cabbage Salad

A quick, delicious and crunchy salad made with ramen noodles.


Uwajimaya | Somen Salad Recipe

Somen Salad

This simple, refreshing salad is great for a hot day and makes for a great dish to...