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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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Sushi is the Japanese term for a food item made from cooked vinegared rice combined with a...
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A province in inland southwest China, Szechuan is known for its vibrant, spicy cuisine.
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If you know a bit of Japanese vocabulary, you probably know that the name Takoyaki (蛸焼) is...
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Takuan is simply daikon radish, pickled.
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A compound of the words “tamago” and “yaki,” this dish is a Japanese rolled omelette. “Tamago” means...
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If you’re familiar with tamari, you might think of it as the gluten-free counterpart to soy sauce....
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The brown pod-like fruit of the tamarind tree is a cooking ingredient used across Southern Asia for...
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Tapioca Starch  

The starch of the cassava root, tapioca is native to South America but has now spread throughout...
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Taro Leaves 

Taro is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia and India but are now cultivated in various...
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One of the most popular Japanese dishes in North America, tempura is a deep-frying method that produces...
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A versatile staple found in almost every Asian cuisine.
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Togarashi is the Japanese word for chili pepper and a catch-all term for condiments with chili pepper. 
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