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Sakura Denbu

When you hear the word “condiment,” you might not think of something made from codfish, but that’s exactly what sakura denbu is. You also probably don’t think of something made of cod as being pink — again, that’s sakura denbu.

How does this get made?


First, cod is simmered in dashi. From there it’s shredded, then seasoned with mirin, sake, and sugar, and then dried. The final product is dyed to have a light pink color that matches the hue of the famous Japanese cherry blossoms. Hence the name sakura denbu, since sakura is the Japanese name for these vibrant seasonal blossoms.


The final product is used as a sort of visual seasoning for Japanese dishes, most commonly in rice dishes or sushi. The flavor is slightly sweet with a hint of saltiness, and the texture is fluffy and airy. It’s kind of like a cod-based, sweet and savory candy floss.


If you’re at Uwajimaya and want to get sakura denbu to complement your rice dishes and other foods, you can find it in our grocery department on occasion. If you want to make your own, you can get cod in our seafood department and the other ingredients throughout our stores.