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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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A staple of Indonesian cuisine, sambal is a chili sauce — some might say it’s more a...
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'"Sansai" vegetables are those vegetables that in olden times were harvested from the wild (the "san" in...
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Santoku Knife

Santoku is a multi-purpose Japanese kitchen knife that can be used to cut fish, meat and vegetables
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Known now as a delicacy worldwide, sashimi has been so in Japan for hundreds of years. It’s...
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Satay isn’t just one dish, but. more of a family of Southeast Asian skewered, grilled meats.
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If you’re familiar with a bit of Japanese linguistic trends, you’ll notice the “imo” here and infer...
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Scallions, green onions, what are they? Well, for starters, the same thing.
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Sea Urchin Roe

While referred to as “roe,” uni is actually the sea urchin gonads. It’s considered a delicacy in...
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Senbei are simply a type of Japanese rice cracker.
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Sengiri Cabbage

Thinly cut cabbage that is a common side dish in Japanese cuisine.
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Sesame Oil

If you’ve eaten food from East Asia, Southeast Asia, India, and beyond, chances are you’ve tasted sesame...
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Sesame Seeds

Not only are sesame seeds and their oil used in many Asian cuisines, they’re used in almost...
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