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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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Atka Mackeral

Also called hakke in Japanese, Atka mackerel are caught in the cold waters in the northern Pacific...
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Poke (pronounced "po-keh") is a Hawaiian raw seafood salad that is commonly found at parties and luaus.
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Short for “ogonori,” this is a seaweed found in Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and especially Hawaiian cuisine.
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Salted Salmon Roe

Salted salmon roe is a popular Japanese rice topping and sushi ingredient.
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Flying Fish Eggs

If you’re a fan of sushi, you’ve almost certainly come across flying fish eggs — also known...
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Salted Herring Roe

Traditionally eaten at New Year’s in Japan, salted herring roe or “kazunoko” are associated with health, fertility,...
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Sea Urchin Roe

While referred to as “roe,” uni is actually the sea urchin gonads. It’s considered a delicacy in...
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Smelt Roe

Also called masago, smelt roe are the eggs from the type of smelt fish called a capelin....
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Black Cod

Black Cod is a white-flesh fish with a rich, buttery flavor
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Manila Clam

Manila clams are small sweet hard-shell clams best suited for steaming.
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Fish Cakes

Made from ground fish and flour and then steamed or fried
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Though the name includes "fish," cuttlefish is more similar to squid
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