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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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Iwashi are delicious and crucially with overfishing and environmental concerns, sustainable. That’s because they’re a small fish...
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Shrimp Paste (Balchao, Kapi, Mam Tom)  

The name might sound self-explanatory, and in some ways, it is: Shrimp paste is a paste made...
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Ubiquitous in Japanese flavors, bonito is a fish related to tuna and mackerel.
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Donburi isn’t one food, but rather a family of Japanese dishes consisting of a bowl of rice...
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Kabayaki isn’t a food itself, but rather a preparation style for certain seafood like fish and especially...
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Sometimes mistranslated as baby anchovies, niboshi — usually called “iriko” in western Japan — are actually dried...
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Milkfish is a sleek, silvery fish that’s a popular ingredient in the cuisines of Taiwan, the Philippines,...
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Fish Maw

Fish maw is the culinary term for the inflatable bladder fish have that allows them to control...
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Fugu is a Japanese puffer fish. And before we talk any more about it, first thing’s first:...
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Jelly Fish

Jellyfish is used in Chinese and many other Asian cuisines, and is usually sold salted and dried...
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Horse Mackeral

A member of the jack family and not actually a mackerel , the sleek, silvery horse mackerel...
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Also called “saba” in Japan, mackerel is a smaller, milder cousin of the tuna. The fish themselves...
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