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Atka Mackeral

Also called hakke in Japanese, Atka mackerel are caught in the cold waters in the northern Pacific Ocean. They’re named after Atka Island, an island in the end of the Aleutians in Alaska just south of the Bering Sea.

With a habitat ranging from northern Japan to southern Alaska, Atka mackerel are most plentiful in the autumn. Outside of these months, they can also sometimes be found frozen year-round.

Like all mackerel, these fish have a high fat content. This makes them both very tasty and full of nutritious omega-3 fatty acids. It also means that they spoil quickly if not eaten right away or preserved correctly. For this reason, Atka mackerel are traditionally often dried, salted, or frozen to make them last longer.

While their flavor is relatively mild, their oiliness makes them deliciously rich at the same time. When fresh, they’re popular broiled, grilled, pan-fried, or seared. These preparations are common in Japanese cuisine and are found in some Korean dishes too.

Along with their abundance of healthy unsaturated fats, Atka mackerel are high in protein, vitamin B12, and other vitamins and minerals. When in season, you can find them fresh in our seafood department!