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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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Konnyaku is a jelly-like cake made of the powdered konjac yam.
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While there are many edible seaweeds in Japanese cooking, konbu is the most substantial and robust. It’s...
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Senbei are simply a type of Japanese rice cracker.
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Often less well-known in North America than other Japanese noodles like ramen, udon, and soba, somen are...
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Nabemono is a family of warming Japanese one-pot stews and soups — within this category of dishes...
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Sometimes mistranslated as baby anchovies, niboshi — usually called “iriko” in western Japan — are actually dried...
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If you’re familiar with tamari, you might think of it as the gluten-free counterpart to soy sauce....
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Banana Ketchup

A popular condiment in the Philippines, banana ketchup is a sauce made of vinegar, sugar, other spices,...
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The utensil of choice in many parts of Asia
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Cellophane Noodles

Noodles made from a variety of starches including mung bean or sweet potato
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Originating in Indian cuisines, chutney has been around for at least the last 2,500 years. We often...
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Chili Oil

An oil infused with ground chili peppers
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