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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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Mandarin Pancakes

Also known as spring pancakes, these are thin, simple pancakes originating in northern China. They’re used kind...
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Red Kidney Bean

Although there are many different types of kidney beans such as the white cannellini, the first kind...
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Common in cuisines from the eastern Mediterranean to South Asia plus certain cuisines in the Americas, cumin...
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Perhaps the most well-known edible seaweed in the West, nori is a thin sheet made by shredding...
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Jasmine Rice

Sometimes confused for basmati, jasmine rice is a long grain rice most common in Southeast Asian cooking.
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One of the most popular Japanese dishes in North America, tempura is a deep-frying method that produces...
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Furikake is a dried seasoning of crumbled, chopped, and powdered ingredients used as a topping for pretty...
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Black Vinegar

Black vinegar is a term for a variety of different dark, full-bodied vinegars used in Chinese, Taiwanese,...
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Just like it sounds, the term adobo is Spanish in origin, even if the cooking method is...
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For many, one of the first things associated with Japanese cuisine is seaweed. There are tons of...
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Although at first glance they could from afar appear to just be black beans, kuromame are sweetened...
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Manju is one of many types of wagashi, or small Japanese confections. There are lots of varieties...
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