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Uwajimaya | Guide to Japanese Appetizers

Guide to Japanese Appetizers

Love the snacks you encounter at Japanese restaurants, izakayas, or before sushi? So do we. Luckily, you...


Introduction to Shōchū (焼酎)

Shōchū is a Japanese distilled spirit that has been gaining popularity in Japan and abroad. Shōchū drinks...


Matcha tea ceremony

5 Ways To Use Matcha

While matcha has become especially popular in the West since the turn of the century, it's been...


Saké, Part 1: Introduction to Saké

Perhaps more than any other country, rice is at the heart of Japanese cuisine; think sushi, musubi...


Beat the Heat with these Japanese Summertime Foods

Summer in Japan can be hot, with temperatures in July and August often reaching above 90 degrees...

Azuki popscicle

Gluten-Free Desserts

Whether or not you have a sweet tooth, we all get that craving for something sugary from...


Green Tea Kit Kats

Uwajimaya Staff Favorite Snacks

With many of us stuck inside, we've been thinking lately about which snacks we'd want to stock...

Children's day

Children’s Day

Across Japan, colorful carp-shaped windsocks called koinobori are flying outside homes in preparation for Kodomo no Hi...

Uwajimaya | Top Beauty Products - Gatsby Moving Rubber

Top Beauty Products

When you think of Uwajimaya, what comes to mind first? Groceries and delicious food? That's fair —...

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Uwajimaya | What is Songkran

What is Songkran?

While many communities in Asia celebrated the Lunar New Year in January, people in Thailand and other...


Uwajimaya Staff Favorites

Whether you've been an Uwajimaya regular for decades or are an eager newcomer to our aisles, an...