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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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Korean Rice Cakes 

Korean rice cakes, called tteok, come in a few different shapes and sizes and are core ingredients...
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Also spelled “napa,” these are a common type of Chinese cabbage frequently found throughout East Asian cuisine.
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Kabayaki isn’t a food itself, but rather a preparation style for certain seafood like fish and especially...
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Although at first glance they could from afar appear to just be black beans, kuromame are sweetened...
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Konnyaku is a jelly-like cake made of the powdered konjac yam.
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While there are many edible seaweeds in Japanese cooking, konbu is the most substantial and robust. It’s...
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Kuzu Starch

Kuzu Starch is made from the roots of the Japanese arrowroot plant, and is used as a...
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Kashiwa Mochi

Kashiwa Mochi is a traditional Japanese confectionery made of mochi that is filled with sweet red bean...
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Koji is the name for the mold used in making soy sauce, miso, and other fermented foods...
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Kecap Manis

While it could be confused from a distance for oyster sauce or just standard soy sauce, kecap...
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First brought to Japan 500 years ago by the Portuguese, kabocha is a squash also known as...
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Dried bonito flakes used for making dashi.
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Karashi is a yellow Japanese mustard made from crushed mustard seeds mixed with horseradish. Unlike most European...
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