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A glossary of common, and not-so-common, Asian ingredients and terms.

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Massaman Curry

Milder than many Thai curries, massaman curry draws its influence from far beyond its nation’s cuisine. Because...
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Most well-known for its usage as a topping on ramen, menma are fermented, seasoned bamboo shoots sliced...
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Monaka is a type of wagashi, a family of Japanese confections traditionally served with tea. While wagashi...
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Mung Beans

Also called green lentils, mung beans are common across the whole Asian continent and have been for...
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A traditional Japanese food enjoyed particularly around the new year, steamed glutinous (sweet) rice is pounded to...
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Milkfish is a sleek, silvery fish that’s a popular ingredient in the cuisines of Taiwan, the Philippines,...
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Literally, "three leaves," mitsuba is also called Japanese parsley.
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A relative of the mustard plant, mizuna is used in Japanese cuisine in dishes such as salads,...
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Also called “saba” in Japan, mackerel is a smaller, milder cousin of the tuna. The fish themselves...
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Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made of fermented soybeans and sometimes rice, barley, or other ingredients.
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Manila Clam

Manila clams are small sweet hard-shell clams best suited for steaming.
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Maneki Neko

This beckoning cat is a common figurine in Japan
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Monosodium Glutamate

A naturally occuring salt found in many foods used to enhance the flavor of food
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