Related to the mustard plant, mizuna is also called Japanese mustard greens, or sometimes simply “greens” or “edible greens.”

Mizuna are thin and, of course, green. The flavor is slightly peppery — similar to a cross between Western mustard greens and arugula but more mild.


They’re a relatively light structure that makes them good for wilting in dishes like some hot pots. Beyond that, they’re also popular in Japanese cuisine in salads, stir fries, or as a garnish. One example is as a side ingredient for shabu shabu. After dipping mizuna, other vegetables, mushrooms, meats, and more into the boiling water for one course, the resulting broth can be used for an extremely umami-rich, flavorful base for udon.


Just like all leafy greens, mizuna is super healthy; it’s high in many vitamins — particularly vitamins A and K — as well as vitamin C, calcium, iron, and certain antioxidants.


You can find mizuna in Uwajimaya’s produce section alongside other leafy greens and fresh vegetables.