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June 17, 2016

 Onigirazu is a modern take on the tradition Onigiri (Japanese rice ball) and has become quite popular due to being easy to make, versatile and visually appealing.

Unlike Onigiri, which has to be molded into shape, Onigirazu is made by stacking the ingredients, similar to making a sandwich. Onigirazu can also hold a larger amount of ingredients, allowing the cook to use unconventional rice ball fillings such as grilled meats, fried eggs, vegetables and a variety of condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce.  

Onigirazu first appeared in 1991, in the pages of a manga (Japanese comics) called “Cooking Papa”. The author of “Cooking Papa”, Tochi Ueyama, credits his wife for the creation of the dish. 

In 2014 Onigirazu was featured on a popular Japanese recipe sharing site, which increased its popularity within the online foodie community, eventually leading to magazine articles and tv segments. Onigirazu was chosen as the “2015 Dish of the Year” by Japan’s Gurunavi Research Institute.