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New Gift Card Designs

January 16, 2014

Uwajimaya recently released four new gift card designs. Even though we have been offering gift cards for seven years now, this is our first (and long overdue) refresh of the art. We're really excited about these four new designs and hope you like them too!   Read on to learn a little more about each design and how you can enter to win a $20 Uwajimaya gift card. 

The "Red Dragon" gift card features our beloved Uwajimaya dragon.  You may recognize the dragon from our stores and also have seen it on our re-useable shopping bags.  Because dragons are viewed by many as a symbol of power, strength, and good luck, and the vibrant red color symbolizes good fortune and joy, it is not surprising that this design is one of our most popular. 

The "Niko Niko Boy" gift card also features a familiar and beloved face.  Designed by local artist enfu, you may recognize his style of art and the "Niko Niko Boy" character which appear on our website and also on another one of our popular re-useable shopping bags.  The cute and playful depiction of our iconic "Niko Niko Boy" employee surrounded by some of our top-selling items (sushi, bok choy, soy sauce, crab, panko Japanese bread crumbs and a package of sukiyaki meat) captures a bit of the fun we hope you experience when shopping in our stores. 

The "Kokeshi Doll" gift card features a Japanese doll of the "Kokeshi" style.  Kokeshi dolls are believed to have first been made in the Edo period (1600–1868) and were traditionally handmade from wood with simple trunk bodies and enlarged heads.  Over time, different areas in Japan developed their own unique doll shapes, patterns and styles.  Today, the folk art of making Kokeshi dolls is still practiced in Japan, and the dolls are often sold as charms, souvenirs and collector's items. 

And lastly, the "Retro Icons" gift card replicates the pattern of Uwajimaya's 1962 World's Fair bag.  In recent celebration of our 85th Anniversary, we replicated this pattern for a limited edition re-useable shopping bag and people loved it so much, we decided to turn it into a gift card design.

Which one do you like best?  Vote for your favorite at and you could win one of four $20 Uwajimaya gift cards. Enter by January 26, one entry per person per day.

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