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Nagatanien Fried Rice Mix

Packaged fried rice at home meal in bowl | Uwajimaya

January 19, 2018

With just a few ingredients, and a packet of Nagatanien Fried Rice Mix, you can quickly make flavorful fried rice at home. Nagatanien Fried Rice Mix is made in Japan and contains no MSG. Each package contains three small packets. One packet makes two servings of fried rice. 

Packaged fried rice at home meal in bowl | Uwajimaya

ALL YOU NEED (from package instructions)
・1 tbsp oil
・ 1 egg, beaten
・ 9 OZ.(250g)cooked rice
✽approx.2 bowls

Fried rice is a great way to use up any leftover meats and vegetables that you may have in your fridge.  Just make sure to cut them into small pieces. Here we chose to add 1 Chinese sausage (sliced), a handful of frozen mixed vegetables and green onion (chopped).  

Heat oil (1tbsp) in a skillet. Add the Chinese Sausage and egg, and stir-fry lightly.

Add cooked rice(9oz./250g) and frozen vegetables,  and continue to stir-fry.
[ MEDIUM HEAT/ 1 min ]

Sprinkle in 1 small packet of FRIED RICE MIX , and continue to stir-fry.
[ MEDIUM HEAT/1.5min ]


Turn off the heat and add chopped green onion.

For even more flavor, add 1 tablespoon of sesame oil at the very end of cooking.