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Fresh Live Uni (Sea Urchin)

Fresh Live Uni (Sea Urchin) | Uwajimaya

November 22, 2013

Uni  is the Japanese name for the edible part of the sea urchin and is a Japanese delicacy.  With a light, creamy, nutty and slightly sweet, slightly briny flavor, uni  is a favorite among many at the sushi bar where it is usually enjoyed as nigirizushi or sashimi.

While uni  is available in packages year round in the seafood department, with the Fall months and colder weather comes the availability of fresh uni  in our live tanks.*  Fresh uni  is quite a treat and as with most delicacies, the fresher, the better the taste -- a definite must try if you are an uni  fan.

Sea urchins, as you probably know, are quite spiny and can look intimidating.  Opening them can be even more intimidating and does require some skill.  Let it be an adventure, or if you prefer, have someone in the Uwajimaya seafood department do it for you (additional charge applies).  Each sea urchin should yield five to six pieces of uni, so grab some friends, grab some fresh uni, and enjoy!

*Please call the seafood department ahead to ensure availability. 

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