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What to cook & how to cook it.

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Nama Chocolate

Nama Chocolate are soft and smooth chocolate ganache cubes coated in cocoa powder. Despite it’s fancy looks,...

Uwajimaya | Makizushi Recipe


"Maki" means roll in Japanese so makizushi are simply sushi rice and various ingredients rolled in seaweed

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A type of sushi where sushi rice is stuffed into deep fried soybean pockets known as "abura...

Uwajimaya | California Roll Recipe

California Roll

A popular sushi roll made inside out with avocado, crab meat and cucumber

Uwajimaya | Mom & Aunty Ann's Kauai-Style Portuguese Sweet Rolls Recipe

Mom & Aunty Ann’s Kauai-Style Portuguese Sweet Rolls

“This recipe has been with our ‘ohana for decades. Whenever we have a family gathering,someone makes these...

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Barbecued Pork