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We provide a diverse selection of quality seafood including the finest grade sashimi available. We are one of the few fish markets in the Pacific Northwest to offer a live tank system allowing you to bring home live clams, oysters, crab, lobsters, and other delicacies, from uni (sea urchin) to spot prawns when in season.

Uwajimaya | Seafood

Featured Seafood

Uwajimaya | Seafood - Kasu Zuke
Family Recipe

Kasuzuke Black Cod

An Uwajimaya family recipe. We brine our local and sustainably sourced black cod for 1-2 days, then marinate in our own made-from-scratch kasuzuke (sake lees) marinade for 48 hours. The result? A buttery, tender fish with a sweet and savory flavor!

Uwajimaya | Seafood

Unagi Kabayaki

One of Japan’s most beloved seafood dishes. Unagi Kabayaki is grilled eel in a sweet and savory sauce. Simply bake in the oven and enjoy over rice!

Uwajimaya | Seafood - Scallops

Boiled Hotate

Need a quick appetizer for dinner? Boiled Hotate (Baby Whole Scallops) from Japan’s Mutsu Bay, in Aomori Prefecture, are fully cooked and ready to eat! These highly prized shellfish have a firm texture and sweet taste. We tossed ours in warm melted butter with a splash of ponzu.


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Featured Seafood

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Osechi Ryori

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