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How To Cut Sashimi and Roll Sushi with Taichi Kitamura

Have you ever wondered how to cut and use the saku or sashimi blocks you find in our seafood department?    Watch along as Chef Taichi Kitamura, owner & chef of Sushi Kappo Tamura, demonstrates how to properly cut saku and how to use the cut pieces for sushi.

Saku means “block” in Japanese.  These blocks are uniform which makes them ideal for slicing pieces for sashimi.  In this first video, Chef Taichi shows us how to cut a saku three different ways.  The first method is hirazukuri, which is a commonly used method for cutting sashimi.  Hirazukuri is a Japanese slicing technique where the knife is slightly angled perpendicularly to the saku and sliced using a single pulling motion towards the body.  This technique can be used for either sashimi or nigiri.  Second, he demonstrates how to cut the saku into thick strips that can be used for sushi rolls.  Lastly, he shows us how to utilize the end pieces for hand rolls.

Video: How to Cut Sashimi with Chef Taichi Kitamura

In the next video,  Chef Taichi shows us how to roll sushi using the cut pieces from the saku.  He shows us how to make a hand roll, futomaki (fat roll) and uramaki (inside-out roll).

Video: How to Roll Sushi with Chef Taichi Kitamura