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Savory Sauces to Snacks (and More!)


With over 30,000 items, our grocery department enhances your everyday eating occasions. Our shelves are stocked with products from not only Japan, but China, Korean, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Philippines just to name a few. We have dedicated aisles (yes, aisles!) just to sauces, noodles, teas and snacks. We are your one stop shop to satisfy all of your Asian cooking needs.

Uwajimaya | Grocery

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Oliver Sauce Co.

Oliver Sauce Co. started making Japanese style Worcestershire sauce in Kobe, Japan, in 1923. In 1948, it developed the first tonkatsu sauce, which was a thicker version of their Worcestershire sauce, making it a good condiment for tonkatsu pork cutlets and other fried food. Chuno sauce is a medium thick sauce, and is often used to flavor stir fries and to make yakisoba.

Pastry Mitten Ho-ji cha Roasted Green Tea Shortbread

Buttery and delicious Ho-ji cha Roasted Green Tea Shortbread, by Pastry Mitten, are made locally in Tukwila, Wa. Enjoy them with afternoon tea!

Kikkoman Smooth Aromatic and Double Fermented Shoyu

Kikkoman Smooth Aromatic Shoyu has a delicate flavor and a mild aroma, with a beautiful distinct reddish Amber color.

Kikkoman Double Fermented Shoyu has a strong umami rich scent and flavor, perfect for seasoning meats and stews.
Both are in special bottles that prevent oxidation, preserving their flavor.
Uwajimaya | Grocery - Crunchy Garlic

S&B Crunchy Garlic with Chili Oil

Give a spicy umami kick to any food with this special condiment. Mix it in salad dressings and dipping sauces or use as a topping for noodles, sushi or tofu!


Uwajimaya | Grocery

Featured Grocery

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