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With over 30,000 items, our grocery department enhances your everyday eating occasions. Our shelves are stocked with products from not only Japan, but China, Korean, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Philippines just to name a few. We have dedicated aisles (yes, aisles!) just to sauces, noodles, teas and snacks. We are your one stop shop to satisfy all of your Asian cooking needs.

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Sun Noodle Hiyashi Ramen

Hiyashi Chuka (Chilled Ramen Salad) is a light and refreshing dish, perfect for the summer.
Frozen Sun Noodle Hiyashi Ramen kits come with three portions of noodles and dressing. Follow the simple cooking instructions on the package, add your choice of toppings, and you’re done

Imuraya Frozen Desserts

Imuraya Yawamochi Ice Cream are a tasty combination of ice cream, topped with sweet red bean, or strawberry sauce, and soft chewy mochi balls. Also try new Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Ice Cream!

Mr. Brown Canned Coffees

Introduced in 1982, these popular canned coffees come in flavors like Macadamia Nut, Vanilla, and Blue Mountain.

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S&B Crunchy Garlic with Chili Oil

Give a spicy umami kick to any food with this special condiment. Mix it in salad dressings and dipping sauces or use as a topping for noodles, sushi or tofu!


Uwajimaya | Grocery

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Spam Katsu

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Osechi Ryori

Osechi Ryori is traditional Japanese “good luck” food that is enjoyed during the New Year. Read more

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Kobe-Hyogo Fair

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