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Our meat department offers the finest in both Eastern and Western cuts of meats!  We take great pride in the quality and variety of our meat selection and can assure you that meat from Uwajimaya will always be fresh and full of flavor.

We specialize in thin cuts of beef and pork, including boneless short ribs, paper-thin sliced beef for sukiyaki, and side pork.  You'll also find specialty cuts such as oxtail and chicken feet here too!  We are proud to offer USDA choice, 100% vegetarian fed beef, locally raised Kobe American Beef, 100% certified Berkshire pork, natural and certifed organic chicken and fresh, domestic USDA choice lamb.  And did you know we ground our own beef and pork making sure you get the freshest and highest quality meats?  In addition, you'll find a sizable selection of Hawaiian products including fresh lau lau, various Hawaiian sausages, hotdogs and smoked meats.

On request, we can prepare thin cut meat platters for a shabu-shabu or hot pot party, a perfectly seasoned rib roast, or even a whole suckling pig.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to help you with cooking tips and will craft any cut to your particular needs.

Asian BBQ pork and Japanese Kobe Beef

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Fresh Hot Gyoza (Dumplings) in Minutes

Did you know Uwajimaya makes our own seasoned gyoza/dumpling meat?  We take fresh ground pork and add a special blend of seasoning so all you have to do is pick the type of wrapper you want from the grocery department (ask for help if needed), put the meat in the wrapper, and boil, fry or bake the dumpling.  Then, just serve with your favorite dipping sauce and voila, you have a super easy and delicious appetizer (or meal).