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Let’s Eat Sukiyaki!

sukiyaki, japanese traditional hot pot
Sukiyaki is a classic Japanese one pot dish of thinly sliced beef, vegetables, tofu, and shirataki yam noodles simmered in a sweet and savory sukiyaki sauce, or "warishita", in Japanese. It is commonly cooked and eaten at the table. It is a great meal to share with friends and family during the colder Fall and Winter months though it is enjoyed year round in Japan.

Sukiyaki sauce is a mixture of dashi, soy sauce, sugar, mirin and sake. If you don’t want to make sukiyaki sauce from scratch, a number of bottled sukiyaki sauces are available at our stores for your convenience.

Bottled Sukiyaki sauce

There are two main styles of sukiyaki preparation, the Kanto (Tokyo) style of eastern Japan, and the Kansai (Osaka) style of western Japan.

Kanto style sukiyaki is done by heating sukiyaki sauce (warishita) in a pot before adding all the ingredients to simmer together.

Kansai style sukiyaki is eaten in stages. First, thinly cut meat is quickly seared in the pot before adding soy sauce and sugar. The meat is then eaten, dipped into raw egg to mellow out the strong sweet and salty flavors. The vegetables, tofu, noodles and other ingredients are then neatly added in sections, along with more meat, and sukiyaki sauce, and slowly simmered until cooked.

Sukiyaki ingredients vary depending on the region of Japan. In some regions, pork is used in place of beef. You can also find seafood, poultry and other types of vegetables in regional sukiyaki variants. What makes sukiyaki great is that you can make your own version using your favorite ingredients!

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