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Sausage Aliens

Uwajimaya | Sausage Aliens Recipe
This is a Cookpad favorite for kids and adults too - not so much a recipe but an easy way to prepare sausages to ensure there are big smiles that greet the breakfast table and full tummies that leave it.



Wiener sausages – As many as you want to make
Black sesame seeds – 2x the number of sausages
Oil, as needed


1) Make cuts into the sausages as shown in the middle photo above. If you dont’ want to bother too much with the mouths, just make a straight cut.

2) Pan fry the sausages in a frying pan with a little oil. The straight hands and legs will spread out in the heat. When the sausages are nicely cooked, take them out of the pan.

3) Make holes for the eyes with a blunt end of a toothpick. Poke in sesame seeds in the eye holes and they are done.

This recipe can also be found at Cookpad, Japan’s largest online cooking community – now with an English site.   Originally posted by chikappe in Japanese and translated by makikowi.