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Try Our Recipe for Matsutake Pine Mushroom Rice


2 1/2 cups Short Grain Rice

2 2/3 cups water (mix in dashi or chicken stock for added flavor)

2 medium Size (7 oz) Matsutake

2 Tbsp. Sake (Rice Wine)

2 Tbsp. Soy Sauce


Matsutake - Rince well, cut and discard bottom portion. Slice the stems lenthwise into 2 pieces, then slice both the cap and stem the opposite way into small pieces. In a rice cooker, cook rice with the mixture of  water. sake and soy sauce. (Optional ingredients: carrots, gobo, aburage, and chicken, which can be cooked with the rice mixture but must be slicee very then.) While rice is cooking, there will be a lot of steam - before steaming stops, quickly place the cleaned and sliced matsutake on top of the rice and cover. Once rice is cook, lightly mix the rice before serving,