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November Staff Picks

Discover some of our staff's favorite items and try today!


Salux Beauty Skin Cloth

“These Japanese exfoliating cloths are a must-have for your bath or shower.  They’re the same kind of material as a loofah but are a lot more versatile because of their surface area – you can actually reach your back!”

Sarina C. – Cashier, Beaverton

LDF Mushroom Seasoning

“It has become a staple of my cooking ever since starting at Uwajimaya and it has no MSG!  It’s the perfect seasoning for making broth.”

Ezra T. – Front End Supervisor, Renton

Acecook Saigon Pho – Chicken Flavor

“I like the taste, simple flavors and adding pork belly or shrimp from the deli.”

Michael S. – Grocery, Renton

Kirin Gogo Milk Tea

“One of the best milk tea that we have at the store. The taste is not too sweet or too bitter. Perfect with breakfast, lunch or dinner. ”

Tony H. – Grocery, Seattle

Kose Softymo Face Cleansing Gel

“This cleansing gel can remove makeup really easily and even removes blackheads.”

Rie B. – Gift Clerk, Renton

Kameda Soft Salad Rice Crackers

“After working in the snack section for over a year and trying many of the snacks, it is my favorite one that I’ve tried.”

Shannon C. – Grocery Clerk, Seattle

Mitsuya Cider White Peach Soda

“I love the peach flavor of this soda…it’s so peachy and good! It’s so refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness.”

Deanna M. – Grocery Assistant Manager, Seattle

Nobel Super-Cola Candy

“If you like cola and want something to wake you up, this candy with a sour shell and fizzy powder inside is a great choice. ”

Kenai – Front End Supervisor, Seattle

Lotte Yukimi Mochi Ice Cream in Vanilla

“The ratio of mochi to ice cream is perfect. Classic vanilla taste is quality! Mochi is soft and chewy, and has the best texture!”

Corbin F. – Grocery, Seattle

Gekkeikan Horin Junmai Daiginjo Sake

“This sake a popular in Asia.  It has a clean, smooth and pure sake flavor.”

Michael S. – Seafood Clerk, Renton

Dragon Fly Beef Instant Noodle

“It has a great balance of sour and a little spicy. The noodle is chewy and it has a good amount or noodles. ”

Jolin C. – Grocery, Seattle

O’Tasty BBQ Pork Bao

“These buns are savory but not salty and the texture of the bun is perfect. The meat in it is more lean and delicious. My husband and I eat this for breakfast almost everyday.   ”

Ailyn S. – Grocery Supervisor, Seattle

Kikumasamune High Moist Skincare Lotion

“This lotion is super hydrating and nourishing.  My skin loves it!”

Emmie F. – Gift Manager, Seattle

Suntory CC Lemon

“50 lemons worth of vitamin c in one bottle. It has a carbonated lemon flavor. It tastes good cold or not cold. ”

Gerwin R. – Grocery Manager, Seattle

Kirin Ichiban Beer

“I recommend this item because it’s not acidic.  It’s a malt beer with a really strong taste.”

Mika S. – Cashier, Seattle