Lunar New Year Lucky Snacks

Chinese New Year Candy Box
The Lunar New Year is celebrated by several Asian countries and is one of, or perhaps the biggest holidays in Asia. It is a time for families to come together and share a special meal – many of which have symbolic meanings. These certain dishes were chosen as "lucky food" based on their appearance or how the name is pronounced in Chinese.

Here’s a few “lucky” snacks to help you celebrate 2021 the Year of the Ox. This year, Lunar New Year falls on February 12, 2021.

Gold Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Gold Coins

It is tradition to give lucky money to children and relatives during the Lunar New Year. These chocolates wrapped in gold foil are a popular “lucky” treat to share with friends.

Nian Gao

Nian Gao literally means “year cake”, however, in the Chinese language it sounds very similar to “year higher” and symbolizes increasing prosperity in the coming year. Nian Gao is a popular Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice.

Lucky Candy

Lucky Candy

These strawberry flavored candies from Garden brand are a classic Chinese New Year treat. Individually wrapped in festive red and gold foil are a creamy hard candy with a taffy like center. Candies in general signify a sweet start to the year as well as a wish for a sweet (pleasant) year.

Coconut Candy

Coconuts are a symbol of togetherness because in Cantonese, the word coconut “ye zi” also sounds like “grandfather and grandson”. Eating candied coconut symbolizes strong family ties and wishes for a big family.

Chinese New Year Candy Box

Chinese New Year Candy Box

Also known as the “Tray of Togetherness”, these trays are round (to symbolize to togetherness), red (to symbolize good luck), and have either 6 or 8 compartments (6 and 8 are considered lucky numbers) of different candied fruit, each with their own special meaning. Many include candied lotus root for abundance, coconuts for togetherness, seeds for fertility, wintermelon for good health and kumquats for good fortune.

Lotus Seed Candy

The lotus root is a symbol of fertility and a wish for having many children and grandchildren. Lotus root in Chinese is “leen ngau” which sounds like “having every year”.


A must eat for Lunar New Year is dumplings! Dumplings represent wealth and prosperity as they resemble old Chinese money pouches or ingots. It is a tradition for many families to make dumplings together to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Mandarin Oranges

Lucky Fruit

Tangerines, oranges and pomelo are eaten for Lunar New Year not only because they are round and golden in color to represent fullness and wealth, but also because their Chinese names also sound similar to success and prosperity.

Will you be trying any “lucky” new year foods this year?

From all of us at Uwajimaya, we wish you a very Happy Lunar New Year!