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Introducing the New Website!

New Uwajimaya website
With our latest redesign, our goal was to make the Uwajimaya experience easier to navigate and more fun. We wanted to emulate the friendly in-store experience our customers expect on a digital scale, and now we’re able to do so. With an easier search function that allows you to find what you're looking for more quickly, to educational content that’s more accessible, we kept the customer at the forefront. Now, let’s dive in!


A wider search function

Unlike our old site, with our new search functionality, you can search the entire Uwajimaya website at one time. That means finding what you’re looking for more quickly. Plus, it leaves time to discover something new!

New search

Emulating your in-store experience

It was important to ensure that customers would feel the same friendly, helpful Uwajimaya experience in-stores, and online. That’s why we updated our Uwajipedia with a fresh design to align more closely with the Uwajimaya in stores, and made other small updates so the digital experience feels like what you find in stores!

New Uwajipedia


Department pages and more educational content

Learn more about all of our departments, from Seafood to Produce and more. Plus, you can find department highlights and featured vendors on each department page, making it fun and simple to find something new and exciting!

New Department pages

We hope you enjoy the new Uwajimaya website!