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Pandan Leaves 

Popular in many different Southeast and South Asian cuisines as a flavoring and aroma agent, pandan leaves are the leaves of screw palm plants, also called by the latin name pandanus. 

Pandan leaves have a slightly sweet and grassy flavor, reminiscent of a floral vanilla. Their fragrance is reminiscent of jasmine and basmati rice — that’s because all of them contain the same compound responsible for the development of this aroma. 

Appropriately, the leaves are sometimes added to rice while cooking to emphasize that floral, vanilla-y flavor; they’re also used in curries and pilafs, baking, sweets, meat and vegetable stews, and other dishes. And its additive properties aren’t limited to flavoring — the juice of pandan leaves can also be used as a green food coloring, especially for baked goods. 

Along with their culinary uses, pandan leaves’ flexibility and durability make them good for crafting and weaving, too. 

If you’re looking to add that extra dimension to your cooking, pandan leaves can be found frozen in our grocery department and fresh in our produce department.