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Green Mango

The unripened flesh of the mango is often used in salads and used in India, Malaysia and Thailand to tenderize meat and to add a tart flavor to vegetable and bean dishes.

No, this isn’t a different species of mango — green mango is actually just the unripened flesh of a normal mango.

Not all varieties of mango are suitable to be eaten while green since some types will have flesh at this stage that is either too starchy, too bland, or too overpoweringly tart. But the varieties that can be eaten before ripening have many culinary uses.

Generally, the larger a green mango, the less “green mango”-like it will taste. That’s because the larger ones are closer to ripeness, so they taste less tangy and tart — the qualities which make green mangos so delicious!

These pre-ripened fruits are used in dishes both in South and Southeast Asia. In parts of India for example, green mango is pickled and served as a side condiment. Certain Southeast Asian cuisines use it in salads and other foods; shredded green mango is used to impart a delicious tartness in dishes. They also are sometimes eaten by themselves, dipped in fermented shrimp paste, or made into relishes and sauces.

Green mangos let you use one fruit in so many different ways. At Uwajimaya, you can find them in-season in our produce department.