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Star Fruit

Originally from India, the star fruit has a smooth, yellow skin with five lateral ridges running the length of the fruit.

Technically called “carambola,” this is a smooth yellow fruit with five (or sometimes six or seven) ridges running down it. Upon seeing one of these it’s clear why they’re called a star fruit — cut into one, and it looks just like a star!

Today, star fruits are grown globally throughout the tropics, but they’re originally associated with South and Southeast Asia. Along with being tasty, their picturesque slices are also popular as a garnish. There are two main types of star fruit: the more sour variety, which is smaller, and the larger sweeter type. The large kind is popular to eat by itself (and, in fact, even the skin of these fruits can be eaten if you want). Both types have firm flesh that’s very juicy, and even the large sweet varieties still have a slightly sour tang to them.

Other than being eaten raw, the juice and flesh have valuable acidity and flavor to accent other dishes in cooking — the smaller sour star fruit in particular. And lastly, the juice is fantastic in drinks! Whatever your planned uses for this fruit, you can find them at Uwajimaya in our produce section.