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Japanese Croquette

Originally adapted from French croquettes introduced to the country in the late 1800s, Japanese croquettes are called korokke. There are many variations, but the most basic is mashed potatoes formed into an oval shaped patty, covered in panko breadcrumbs, and fried. AKA: Delicious. 

They can also be filled with a mixture of mashed potatoes with ground beef, chopped vegetables, seafood, and other things; other variations sometimes eschew potatoes in exchange for a cream sauce with these fillings.  Korokke is typically served with tonkatsu sauce or Japanese Worcestershire sauce.

Korokke are often eaten by themselves as snacks or appetizers, but there are also many dishes that include korokke such as korokke sandwiches, Japanese curry and are also popular in Japanese bento. Really, korokke are just super simple, super tasty, and just about impossible to resist.

If you’re craving korokke Uwajimaya carries various versions of pre-made ones in our frozen section. And for your last korokke option, you can get the simple ingredients of potatoes, panko, and other optional fillings to make your own at home.