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Sometimes anglicized as “inari sushi,” inarizushi is one of the simplest forms of sushi. It consists of just sushi rice wrapped inside seasoned fried tofu skin (also known as beancurd skin).

Just like with all sushi rice, the grains are prepared immaculately and vinegared to give the inside more flavor and a better texture. Meanwhile, the tofu skins are boiled in dashi stock with soy sauce and sugar before being stuffed. This eliminates excess oil and infuses the skins with a sweet and salty flavor that goes well with the slight tang of the rice. After stuffing, inarizushi can also be topped with other ingredients like white or black sesame seeds.

Traditionally the shape of inarizushi varies by region — in some areas of Japan it will be shaped like a triangular pouch, whereas other regions might have a more rectangular shape.

If you want to make your own inarizushi at home, Uwajimaya has pre-boiled and seasoned tofu skins in our cooler section, and of course we’ve got plenty of short grain rice in its own section. You can also find pre-packaged inarizushi at many of our food courts.