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Cooking Wine

Mirin, sake and rice wine are types of alcohols and wines commonly used in Asian dishes

As with Western cooking techniques, alcohols and wines are used in many Asian dishes. Added to sauces, simmered dishes and marinades, the alcohol is usually burned or simmered off and the flavor of the particular wine concentrated in the dish

Different Cooking Wines

This Japanese cooking wine is golden in color and imparts a sweet flavor to dishes such as teriyaki. Although true mirin (hon mirin) has an alcohol content of 14%, it is used exclusively as a cooking ingredient and not an alcoholic beverage. Aji mirin is mirin with salt and corn syrup added.

Both used as a beverage and a cooking ingredient, sake is brewed from fermented rice. As a cooking ingredient, sake imparts quite a different flavor than mirin. Sake is used in many Japanese dishes.

Shaohsing Yellow Rice Wine
Originally made from glutinous (sweet) rice and millet, this amber colored wine is used both as a beverage and a cooking ingredient. In cooking, the wine imparts a rich caramel and wine flavor. Also known as: fen chiew, huang chiu,hua diao, and yellow wine.

  • Japanese
    mirin, sake
  • Chinese
    fen chiew, huang chiu, hua daio
  • English
    yellow wine, wine, Shaohsing yellow rice wine