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Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are common in dishes throughout the world, but they are especially integral to many cuisines in East, Southeast, and South Asia.

The name bean sprout most often refers to mung beans, although soybean sprouts are also common, and in some cuisines like Korean are the preferred of the two.  

These little vegetables (or are they legumes?) are used as a garnish or ingredient in a huge array of foods, whether that’s soups, rolls, stir-fries, noodle dishes, rice dishes, curries, salads… they appear in so many dishes and can really be put in whatever your taste feels like.  

The appeal of bean sprouts is quite apparent if you have had them, which you certainly have; they add both a refreshing taste element to a dish and a satisfyingly crisp snappy texture. Furthermore, they’re an easy way to sneak in greater nutritional value. As you might expect, they are low in calories and dense in fiber, vitamin C, iron, and calcium, as well as having more protein than you would expect.  

While they are readily available to purchase at many grocery stores like Uwajimaya, beans are also quite easy to sprout yourself if you are so inclined. You should be able to sprout them within a few days with a quick soak and then cover them with a damp cloth.