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Yuba is dried bean curd skin that’s been used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine for at least about 500 years.

Sometimes it’s referred to as dried tofu skin, but that’s not technically accurate, because there’s no coagulation. Regardless, we’ll let that slide — call it whatever you like!

The process for making yuba is simple: soy milk is heated until a thin film of skin forms on top, and that skin is subsequently removed from the soy milk to dry. The resulting product can be used fresh but is also dried for later use. The dried version will be rehydrated in the cooking process.

Yuba’s commonly used in dim sum as a wrap, rolled together and sliced to form a dense layered medallion, or in hot pot and stews. It’s also a popular meat substitute; it can be densely packed together and cooked in a way that imitates chicken for vegetarian dishes.

Uwajimaya carries yuba in our grocery department.  And if you want to make homemade fresh yuba, we have soy milk that you can use in your own kitchen.