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Sushi is the Japanese term for a food item made from cooked vinegared rice combined with a topping, often raw shellfish, fish and vegetables

Sushi is a very popular dish both in Japan and abroad.  There are many types of sushi but they all have vinegared cooked rice as their base.

Nigirizushi,  or hand-pressed sushi, is made by topping a bite size form of sushi rice with raw fish (such as tuna, salmon), raw seafood (such as shrimp, squid, sea urchin) or cooked seafood (such as shrimp, octopus).

Makizushi,  or rolled sushi, is typicall made by rolling a piece of seaweed with sushi rice and filling such as vegetables and/or fish up with a bamboo mat and then slicing the roll into bite size pieces.

Chirashizushi,  or “scattered sushi” is made by simply topping a bed of sushi rice with ingredients, usually fish and/or seafood.

Inarizushi  is made by stuffing abura-age (thin slices of deep-fried tofu which can be found in a can) with sushi rice.

Sushi is often accompanied by wasabi paste, soy sauce and ginger.