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Soba Cha

Soba cha is the Japanese name for tea made from roasted buckwheat that’s popular in Japan, Korea, and also China. Naturally caffeine free, it’s drunk both hot and cold, and has a subtle yellow to light golden brown color; the specific color varies depending on the brand and length of steeping.

To make soba cha, first the kernels are pan-roasted for a few minutes to bring out a more nutty, toasty flavor, then the roasted buckwheat is steeped for around two to four minutes depending on preference. After this process, you have a tea that’s nutty and earthy but still quite light. This makes for a nice refreshing, calming drink that can be especially nice to sip before bedtime.

Among other nutrients, soba cha is a particularly good source of vitamins C and E, plus antioxidants and compounds associated with reduced high blood pressure.

You can get soba cha at Uwajimaya in our tea aisle.