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Also spelled “napa,” these are a common type of Chinese cabbage frequently found throughout East Asian cuisine.

Nappa is a versatile vegetable that’s slightly longer and skinnier than the spherical cabbage associated with European cooking. Its ribs are much whiter than the European counterpart, and the rest of the leaves are pale green. By itself it has a pretty mild flavor and tender crunch.

It’s often found in stir fries, hot pot, and other soups, and is also used in okonomiyaki, or the Japanese savory “pancake.” Nappa is also pickled or fermented in certain Chinese cuisines, or to make kimchi in Korea.

Generally speaking, nappa is associated with cooler months, since that’s the season when it’s most widely available. It’s extremely low in calories and high in different vitamins like vitamin K, electrolyte minerals like calcium, and is loaded with antioxidants.

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