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Korean fermented chili paste

Gochujang is a thick Korean fermented sauce whose flavors are common across that cuisine. It consists of four main ingredients: gochugaru, glutinous rice powder, fermented soybean powder, and salt. Traditionally, a mixture of these are then left in large clay pots to ferment, creating your final product. The end result is a sauce that’s a combination of spicy, savory, and a little bit sweet. With its spice and complexity of flavor, gochujang is a popular base for flavoring jjigaes (Korean stews), marinating meats, and other uses.

While gochujang brings multiple layers of flavor to the table (no pun intended), perhaps the most noticeable is that of the gochugaru. Gochugaru is a spice powder made of crushed Korean chili peppers and, though not overpowering, provides gochujang with the signature round spice. Along with that, the rice starch provides accompanying sweetness.

In the past, gochujang was often homemade, but today it’s more commonly purchased at supermarkets in Korea or, in the US, in Asian supermarkets like Uwajimaya! When you come to us, you can find gochujang in our sauce aisle along with other cooking ingredients.